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Mass Shootings Follow Mental Health Treatment

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It has been six months since the mass shooting occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

A recent article showed a map of 14 mass murders in the United States during those six months.

Legislators in several of these states bowing to the demands of citizens to do something about preventing such tragedies have passed bills directed at gun ownership and guns themselves. But why do some people go crazy with guns when millions of gun owners do not?

The real answer behind these senseless killings is the mental health treatment and psychiatric drugs that are almost inevitably found in the background of these murderers.

Here are a few of the recent mass shooting stories from that map:

1 – On February 19, 2013 Ali Syed, went on a shooting spree and killed 3 people before he turned a shotgun on himself.

The first victim, Courtney Aoki was shot repeatedly inside Syed’s bedroom at the home of his parents in Ladera Ranch.

After Aoki was shot, Syed wrote a suicide note on his computer, fled in his parents’ SUV, carjacked several vehicles, shot Melvin Lee Edwards, 69, execution-style, and then killed Jeremy Lewis, 26. When police closed in on him he killed himself with a shotgun.

Earlier in 2012 Syed had applied for mental help as a “disabled student” at SaddleBackCollege in Mission Viejo, Ca. He described himself as having “ADHD, panic disorder and anxiety.”

He was given antidepressants. Courtney Aoki’s mother told reporters that in Syed’s suicide note “He mentioned he was on anti-depressants that made him feel crazy, so he didn’t like it anymore, so he was going to commit suicide and take people with him.” “It didn’t matter who came to his door, he was going to kill her.”

2. On June 7th, 2013 John Zawahri went on a mass shooting rampage in Southern California. He killed his father and brother and then set fire to their house. He then shot and wounded a woman driving by the house, carjacked another woman. As he rode in her car he shot at people walking by and at a city bus injuring three.

Arriving at Santa Monica College Zawahri killed a groundskeeper, 68-year-old Navarro Franco and shot Navarro’s 26-year-old daughter, Marcela, who died in the hospital two days later.

He then shot a woman outside the library, went inside and fired 70 rounds at students who had been studying for exams. Police finally shot and killed him in the library.

The Santa Monica police chief stated “We know his was a troubled life and that he experienced mental health challenges”

What he also had experienced a couple of years earlier was hospitalization in UCLA’s psychiatric ward. That means either psychiatric drugs or electric shock treatments or both. Law enforcement did not reveal under what circumstances he had been released.

3. On Dec 24th 2012 up in Webster, NY, William Spengler, age 62 set up a trap and shot 4 firefighters killing two of them and injured two. He also killed his sister before taking his own life. Spengler set fire to 7 homes and waited for the firemen to respond to the blaze.

Spengler’s note read “I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down, and do what I like doing best, killing people.”

Splengler in 1981 had been convicted of killing his elderly grandmother striking her 17 times with a hammer. He was in prison until 1998 when he was released.

Reading through his parole board hearing reports, one finds he had a “nervous breakdown” in prison and was sent to a prison mental health facility for treatment. The specific details of his treatment are blacked out in the parole hearing reports but he apparently became quite tranquil and a model prisoner. Again, these are indicators of psychiatric drugs or electric shocks.

Despite his good behavior the parole board kept denying parole because when asked about his ability to control himself out in the world Spengler answered:

“That’s the thing that does worry me in terms of if you’re capable of it once, are you capable of it again.”

4. On January 20th, 2013 we find that a 15 year old boy, Nehemiah Griego, shot and killed his parents and three of his younger siblings at their home near Albuquerque, NM.

The police reported the motive as being “angry and annoyed with his mother” and that he “acted on what he described to investigators as homicidal and suicidal thoughts”.

Dozens of news media repeated over and over on the day the bodies were discovered that   “The teen had no history of mental illness, and drugs and alcohol didn’t appear to be a factor.” How could they know this so quickly?

Yet this youth calmly committed the murders, sent a text photo of his dead mother to his 12 year old girlfriend, and then spent the day with his girlfriend at her parents’ house. He told his girlfriend he had thoughts of killing her parents, too, and then going to Wal-Mart to shoot strangers. But instead he ended up going to his church and telling what he had done to people there who knew him and his family.

Six months later there is still no new information available about the true mental condition in this case.

Those committing mass shootings have been found nearly every time to have had psychiatric drugs or been given other psychiatric treatments or both.

Neither the .22 caliber rifle Nehemiah Griego used to start his killing spree nor the semi-automatic rifle he used to finish it are the cause of these deaths. There is always some object available to kill someone.

New legislation should ban psychiatric drugs as these are what create or magnify murderous and suicidal thoughts and cause these violent deaths.


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