Get Informed–What YOU can do to end mass shootings

From a mother in Newtown Connecticut–The link to psychiatric drugs and mass-shooters

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“My name is Patricia Sabato, I am a mother of four and I live in the heart of Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT. I am also an advocate certified under the Connecticut General Assembly. In addition, I have first hand experience with the Connecticut Mental Health system, short and long term. I strongly oppose new legislation that is targeted on expanding mental health assessments, treatments, and management as a result of this murder/suicide in our town. The investigation, as I might point out to each committee member on this special task force, is not yet completed, nor have the results been disclosed to the public. This committee should not ignore that Adam Lanza’s psychiatric assessment, treatment and management may be a contributing factor in this murder/suicide investigation. It would be damaging to all of our children and would not ensure public safety to pass any legislation that mandates assessing children’s mental health.”


Full Letter Here:


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