Get Informed–What YOU can do to end mass shootings

Effectively Putting an End to Senseless Violence Caused By Mental Health Drugs

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Myron May was an attorney and former Prosecutor in New Mexico.  Having trouble concentrating at work, he turned to a psychologist for help. He was prescribed two psychiatric drugs that carry FDA-mandated warnings that the drugs can cause panic attacks. Predictably, he then experienced a panic attack at work.  He returned to the psychologist and got “an adjustment” to the drugs. With his new combination of drugs, he began exhibiting paranoia, hearing voices, experiencing hallucinations. He couldn’t sleep, and began experiencing homicidal ideation.  He checked himself into a psychiatric ward, was given another drug and released, only to continue to have homicidal ideation.  When May’s friends called the mental health practitioner they were told that the doctor “couldn’t do anything”.

This story is a real-life example of what you can find almost every single day of the week, somewhere in the world, with a simple Internet search.

As the clock ticks and as the page of the calendar turn, and as we all continue our daily routine, the likelihood of these types of real-life tragedies only increases.  The likelihood that they will touch each one of our lives increases.

Can we agree that it is time to really be effective in getting our fellow man, woman and child educated on the FDA warnings regarding mental health drugs?

Can we agree to get them educated on the valid alternatives for their troubles, i.e. Lack of focus, anxiety, sleeplessness and more?

If we can agree on those two things, then please contact our office and learn how simple it is to get your community educated.

Probably 10 minutes a day of your time, would change the world and the odds, in your favor. If you spend 10 minutes a day effectively communicating to another person in your community about the basic facts having to do with mental health drugs, it will help add up to all Floridians ware and able to make informed decisions.

A simple education step from our office will get you ready to do so. Please call or email to get started! 800-782-2878 or


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