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NYC Police Officers’ Killer Had Taken Psychiatric Drugs

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Yet one more killer who was taking mental health drugs, at one point, and had been in a psychiatric facility.  Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed two New York City Police Officers in December, 2014.

The New York Times reported, “Mr. Brinsley had also suffered from mental problems. Relatives told the police he had taken medication at one point, and when he was asked during an August 2011 court hearing if he had ever been a patient in a mental institution or under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist, he said yes. He had also tried to hang himself a year ago, the police said.”

Yet one more tragedy that will never be completely viewed by the public, for what it is.  It is another example of an individual who had been on psychotropic (mind-altering) drugs, who brutally killed the two members of law enforcement.

The FDA could not be more clear in its warnings of homicidal ideation, aggression and violence.

When are we, as citizens, ready to get the facts far and wide, so more tragedies can be prevented?

The sooner, the better!

Facts: In an FDA clinical study of adverse events from drugs, there were “780,169 serious adverse event reports of all kinds. This total included 1,937…cases meeting the violence criteria. The violence cases included 387 reports of homicide, 404 physical assaults, 27 cases indicating physical abuse, 896 homicidal ideation reports, and 223 cases described as violence-related symptoms.

Among 484 evaluable drugs, 31 drugs met the study criteria for a disproportionate association with violence, and accounted for 1527…(79%) of the violence cases… They include varenicline (a smoking cessation aid), 11 antidepressant drugs, 3 drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and 5 hypnotic/sedatives.”


The clinical studies involve real-life people and statistics that talk about “1937 cases meeting the violence criteria”, represents 1937 actual acts of violence caused by drugs (most of which are mental health drugs that a great deal of our population is taking).



FDA clinical study:


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