Get Informed–What YOU can do to end mass shootings


With the many mass shootings that have occured throughout the United States, the public is wondering what could possibly be the cause of such horrific crimes and what can be done to prevent further massacres.

The facts speak for themselves, no opinion or vested interest can refute that the majority of individuals who have committed mass murder and mass murder/suicide, have been on psychiatric drugs at the time of the killings.

The FDA is clear in the warnings that are placed on these drugs and it is up to each and every individual to get informed of the warnings and to inform others.

Each individual has the right to know all the risks of these drugs and the alternative treatments.

If we, each, take the facts and get them out to all of our friends and family, we will create a safer environment in which to live.

Many medical professionals throughout the country and throughout the world do assist those who are suffering from mental health or behavioral health symptoms, with non-psychiatric means, starting with a thorough physical examination to detect the potential underlying physical cause.

Find out more about this subject by going to and to the CCHR Florida Youtube channel


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